Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Magic pearl

Magic pearl, the right place for you…
Magic pearl will create and design special gifts
Gifts that will excite both the giver and the receiver

Each gift is done with love with thought, a gift that will fit both parties
If you just like a give gift …got a birthday or unforgettable wedding, bar mitzvah or a special gift to a newborn baby, we, at Magic Pearl will create it for you

Is it so exciting to sit and leaf thru a nice album, to laugh, to remember, to talk, a tear running down…feels so nice to hold something in your hand rather then Power Point presentation

A gift that capture our memories, something we can give to our kids

More things that we are doing at Magic Pearl
Portrait drawings, designed canvas to decorate your home, nice pictures for your children room, knitwear for children and babies, special design knitwear, full of love and to light your day

We are recognized by the Ministry of Education to support teachers and kindergarten staff with ideas and designs

For more amazing things from the Magic Pearl, things that will WOW you and your family, call Shosh at 050-7710296 or e-mail: kogen_s@zahav.net.il


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