Wednesday, May 2, 2012

דפים מעוצבים

השבוע ישבתי ועיצבתי קצת דפים
הדפים מפורסמים ברחבי הרשת ובאתרי האינרטנט בעולם
משתתפים בכל מיני סקיצות פעולות/אתגרים
Hi and Shabbat Shalom
This week I sat down and created a few pages participating in challenges
Throughout the network
Blogs around the world
It was fun to sit and do
Also participate in blogs abroad
Now working on other works abroad will participate in challenges

Designs all kinds of different techniques
And it's fun, and learn on the job
And in between I put albums and things to customers who have booked and sent and received with love
And with great excitement

Fun Litzvar
Everyone continued good weekend

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